TPA005D02 – 2-W Stereo Class-D Audio Power Amplifier (Rev. C)

TPA005D02 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : TPA005D02

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, 2-W Stereo Class-D Audio Power Amplifier (Rev. C).

Pin arrangement :

Package information :

Manufacturer : Texas Instruments

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TPA005D02 Datasheet PDF

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The TPA005D02 Class D Stereo Audio Power Amplifier Evaluation Module is a complete, 2-Watt per channel stereo audio power amplifier. It consists of the TI TPA005D02 Class D Stereo Audio Power Amplifier IC along with a small number of other parts mounted on a circuit board that measures approximately 2  inches by 1  inches

Single in-line header pins extend from the underside of the module circuit board to allow the EVM to either be plugged into the TI Plug-N-Play Audio Amplifier Evaluation Platform, or to be wired directly into existing circuits and equipment when used stand-alone.

The platform has room for a single TPA005D02 class D evaluation module and is a convenient vehicle for demonstrating TI’s audio power amplifier and related evaluation modules. The EVMs simply plug into the platform, which automatically provides power to the modules, interconnects them correctly,
and connects them to a versatile array of standard audio input and output jacks and connectors. Easy-to-use configuration controls allow the platform and EVMs to quickly model many possible end-equipment configurations.
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TPA005D02 PDF File

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