TLS2505 – TI – Motor controller IC

Part number :TLS2505

Manufacturer : TI

Functions : Motor controller, Drive IC

Package information : TSSOP 56 PinType

Image :

TLS2505 image

Functions :

The TLS2205 is a combination voice-coil and spindle-motor driver with voltage monitor integrated circuit. This circuit is designed for small-form-factor, high-performance hard disk drives. The TLS2205 integrates a three-phase brushless dc motor driver with a linear full-bridge voice-coil driver. Additional circuitry is added for power-up and power-down sequencing of the driver amplifiers used for motor speed control. A brake function can be invoked on the spindle motor after the head is in a safe landing zone. External sense resistors are used for precision spindle motor and VCM current monitoring. Automatic head retract is provided for voltage or thermal fault conditions. The TLS2205 operates with only 5 V of supply voltage and has a sleep-mode option for low-power applications. All device functions are controlled from a three-wire serial port. Device packaging is a 56-terminal DL or 64-terminal PM package. Center pins are tied to the die mount tab for improved heat dissipation on both packages.

TLS2505 Datasheet PDF

TLS2505 Datasheet PDF

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