TB2929 – 4-ch BTL Audio Power IC – Toshiba

Part number : TB2929

Manufactuers : Toshiba

Package information : ZIP 25 Pin


TB2929 Image TB2929 Pinout

Product Information

The TB2929HQ is a four-channel BTL power amplifier for car audio applications.
This IC has a pure complementary P-ch and N-ch DMOS output stage, offering maximum output power (POUTMAX) of 45 W. It includes a standby switch, mute function and various protection features.


1. High output power

2. POUTMAX (1) =45 W (typ.)
(VCC =15.2 V, f =1 kHz, JEITA max, RL =4 Ω)

3. POUTMAX (2) =41 W (typ.)
(VCC =14.4 V, f =1 kHz, JEITA max, RL =4 Ω)

4. POUT(1) =24 W (typ.)
(VCC =14.4 V, f =1 kHz, THD =10%, RL =4 Ω)

5. POUT(2) =21 W (typ.)
(VCC =13.2 V, f =1 kHz, THD =10%, RL =4 Ω)


Block Diagram

TB2929 Datasheet PDF Block Diagram

TB2929 Datasheet PDF

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