SVF13N50F Datasheet – 13A 500V N-Ch MOSFET

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Part number : SVF13N50F, SVF13N50T, SVF13N50PN

Functions : 13A, 500V N-Channel Enhanced Field Effect Transistor

Package information : TO-3PN, TO-220F-3L, TO-220-3L type

Manufacturer : Silan Microelectronics ( )

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The SVF13N50T, SVF13N50F, SVF13N50PN N-Channel Enhanced High-Voltage Power MOS Field Effect Transistor is fabricated using SL’s F-CellTM planar high-voltage VDMOS process technology. The advanced process and strip cell design make the product have low on-resistance, superior switching performance and high avalanche breakdown resistance. This product can be widely used in AC-DC switching power supply, DC-DC power converter, high voltage H-bridge PWM motor drive.


SVF13N50F pinout datasheet

The texts in the PDF file :

1. 13A, 500V, RDS (ON) (typical) = 0.44 Ω @ VGS = 10V
2. Low gate charge
3. Low reverse transfer capacitance
4. Fast switching
5. Improved dv/dt capabilities

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Datasheet SVF13N50F PDF File