SDC7500 – Voltage mode PWM control circuit

Part number : SDC7500

Functions : This is Semiconductor, Voltage mode PWM control circuit.

Pin arrangement :

Package information : DIP 16 Pin

Manufacturer : Yes-Cheer

Image :

SDC7500 Datasheet PDF

The texts in the PDF file :

SDC7500 is a fixed frequency pulse width modulation circuit, which contains all the functions of switching power supply control, widely used in switching power supply control, DC / DC converter, to facilitate system engineers to flexibly design applications.

1. Integrated with a complete pulse width modulation circuit

2. Built-in two-way error amplifier

3. Built-in 5V reference reference

4. Adjustable dead time

5. Independent output 200mA current or source current

6. Push or pull two output methods


1. PC power supply

2. DC-DC converter

[ … ]

SDC7500 PDF File

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