PM49FL004T Datasheet PDF – 4 Mbit Flash Memory

Part number : PM49FL004T, PM49FL004T-33JCE

Functions : 4 Mbit 3.3 Volt-only Firmware Hub/LPC Flash Memory

Package information : 32 Pin type ( VSOP, PLCC )

Manufacturer :  Programmable Microelectronics, PMC


PM49FL004T Flash Memory


The Pm49FL002/ Pm49FL004 are 2 Mbit/4 Mbit 3.3 Volt-only Flash Memories used as BIOS in PCs and Notebooks. These devices are designed to use a single low voltage, ranging from 3.0 Volt to 3.6 Volt, power supply to perform insystem or off-system read, erase and program operations. The 12.0 Volt VPP power supply are not required for the program and erase operations of devices. The devices conform to Intel® Low Pin Count (LPC) Interface specification revision 1.1 and also read-compatible with Intel 82802 Firmware Hub (FWH) for most PC and Notebook applications.


PM49FL004T datasheet pdf pinout


1. Single Power Supply Operation
– Low voltage range: 3.0 V – 3.6 V

2. Standard Intel Firmware Hub/LPC Interface
– Read compatible to Intel 82802 Firmware Hub devices
– Conforms to Intel LPC Interface Specification Revision 1.1

3. Pm49FL004T : 512K x 8 (4 Mbit)

4. Automatic Erase and Program Operation
– Build-in automatic program verification for extended product endurance
– Typical 25 μs/byte programming time
– Typical 50 ms sector/block/chip erase time

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PM49FL004T Datasheet PDF