PCR406 Datasheet – 0.8A, 400V, SCR

PCR406 is 400V SCR ( Silicon Controll Rectifier ).

Part number : PCR406

Functions : 400V SCR

Package information : TO92 Type

Manufacturer : SLT, Unisonic

Functions : Silicon Controll Rectifier

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The UTC PCR406 silicon controlled rectifiers are high performance planner diffused PNPN devices. These parts are intended for low cost high volume applications.

Glass passivated, sensitive gate thyristors in a plastic envelope, intended for use in general purpose switching and phase control applications. These devices are intented to be interfaced directly to microcontrollers, logic intergrated circuits and other low power gate trigger circuits.

Pinout :

PCR406 pinout datasheet


1. Blocking voltage to 400 V
2. On-state RMS current to 0.8 A
3. Ultra low gate trigger current


1. Motor control
2. Industrial and domestic lighting
3. Heating
4. Static switching

PCR406 Datasheet PDF