PB5350 PDF – NXP

Part number : PB5350

Functions : 50 V low VCEsat PNP transistor / SOT223 Package information

Manufacturer : NXP Semiconductors.

Pinout :
PB5350 datasheet

Functions :

• Low collector-emitter saturation voltage

• High collector current capability: ICand ICM

• High collector current gain (hFE) at high IC

• Higher efficiency leading to less heat generation

• Power management
– DC/DC converters
– Supply line switching
– Battery charger
– Linear voltage regulation (LDO).

• Peripheral drivers
– Driver in low supply voltage applications, e.g. lamps LEDs
– Inductive load driver, e.g.relays, buzzers, motors.

PNP low VCEsattransistor in a SOT223 plastic package.  NPN complement: PBSS4350Z.


• Reduced PCB area requirements compared to DPAK.


NPN complement: PBSS4350Z.

PB5350 Datasheet PDF PDF Download
PB5350 pdf

Other data sheets within the file : PB5350, PBSS5350Z

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