P005RF11 PDF

Part number : P005RF11

Functions : 1A Output Low Power-Loss Voltage Regulators

Manufacturer : Sharp Electronics

Image :

Functions : Low Power-loss(Dropout voltage : MAX 0.5V)

P005RF11 datasheet

  1. Compact resin full-mold package
  2. Low power-loss(Dropout voltage : MAX 0.5V)
  3. Built-in ON/OFF control terminal ( PQ05RF1 / PQ05RF11 series)
  4. Built-in output voltage minute adjustment termial ( Critical rate of ripple rejection is improved.) ( PQ05RF1V series )


P005RF11 Datasheet PDF PDF Download
P005RF11 pdf

Other data sheets within the file : P005RF1, P005RF11, P005RF1V, P009RF1, P009RF11

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