MIP2F2 – Panasonic – Dip 7 Pin

Part Number : MIP2F2, MIP2F20MS

Manufacturer : Panasonic

Package information : DIP 7 Pin

MIP2F20MS -> Marking Symbol: MIP2F2

Image : MIP2F2


1. reduce the input voltage dependence of the maximum output power
2. greatly reduce the power consumption at no load
3. Built-in protection functions required for small power supply circuit, Conventional overcurrent protection circuit, in addition to overheat protection circuit, load short-circuit protection circuit (not Built of di-protected circuit) and overvoltage protection circuit.

Applications use
1. charger (other for mobile phones)
2. AC adapter

MIP2F2 Datasheet PDF

MIP2F2 Datasheet PDF
Datasheet PDF Download : MIP2F20MS.PDF

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