MAX485 PDF – RS-485/RS-422 Transceiver – Maxim

Part number : MAX485

Functions : Low-Power, Slew-Rate-Limited RS-485/RS-422 Transceiver

Package : DIP, SO 8 Pin

Manufacturer : Maxim


MAX485 pdf Transceiver


The MAX481, MAX483, MAX485, MAX487–MAX491, and MAX1487 are low-power transceivers for RS-485 and RS-422 communication. Each part contains one driver and one receiver. The MAX483, MAX487, MAX488, and MAX489 feature reduced slew-rate drivers that minimize EMI and reduce reflections caused by improperly terminated cables, thus allowing error-free data transmission up to 250kbps. The driver slew rates of the MAX481, MAX485, MAX490, MAX491, and MAX1487 are not limited, allowing them to transmit up to 2.5Mbps.

Key Features

1. Low Power Consumption Minimizes Thermal Dissipation, Reducing System Cost

(1) 120µA to 500µA Quiescent Current
(2) Shutdown Current of 0.1µA
(3) Single 5V Supply Voltage

2. Slew-Rate-Limited Drivers (MAX483/MAX487/MAX488 and MAX489)

(1) Up to 250kbps Data Rate
(2) Unlimited Drivers: Up to 2.5Mbps Data Rate

3. Integrated Protection Enhances System Robustness

(1) Short Circuit Current Limited Driver
(2) Integrated Thermal Shutdown
(3) Receiver Fail-Safe for Input Open Circuit
(4) Guarantees Logic High

4. 1/4 Unit Loading (MAX487/ MAX1487 only) Allows Up to 128 Devices on a Single Bus

(1) 48kΩ Receiver Input Resistance



MAX485 pinout datasheet


1. Low-Power RS-485 Transceivers
2. Low-Power RS-422 Transceivers
3. Level Translators
4. Transceivers for EMI-Sensitive Applications
5. Industrial-Control Local Area Networks

MAX485 Datasheet PDF

UPC2581 pdf

Other data sheets within the file : MAX485CPA, MAX485CSA, MAX481CPA