LM566 – Voltage Controlled Oscillator

Part number : LM566, LM566C, LM566CN

Function : Voltage Controlled Oscillator

Package : DIP 8 Pin Package

Manufacturer : National Semiconductor


LM566 - Voltage Controlled Oscillator


The LM566 is a general purpose voltage controlled oscillator which may be used to generate square and triangular waves, the frequency of which is a very linear function of a control voltage. The frequency is also a function of an external resistor and capacitor.


1. Wide supply voltage range: 10V to 24V
2. Very linear modulation characteristics
3. High temperature stability
4. Excellent supply voltage rejection
5. 10 to 1 frequency range with fixed capacitor
6. Frequency programmable by means of current, voltage, resistor or capacitor

ApplicationsLM566 pinout datasheet


1. FM modulation
2. Signal generation
3. Function generation
4. Frequency shift keying
5. Tone generation

LM566 Circuit


LM566 Datasheet