KSD-01F – Temperature Switch Thermostat

Part number : KSD-01F

Functions : Temperature Switch Thermostat KSD (KSD-xxF)

Manufacturer : http://fuyuanfuse.com/

Image :
KSD-01F datasheet

Functions :

System touch temperature thermostat. Sensitive and reliable. Suitable for circuit boards for temperature control or with thermal overload protection



1. Conditions of Use
(1) Relative humidity: + 20 ℃ environment issued at 95%
(2) atmospheric pressure: 86-106Kpa
(3) working position: Any

2. Technical Parameters
(1) point form: 1D or 1H
(2) contact load: 220VAC 1.5A or 24VDC 1.5A
(3) Insulation resistance: normal temperature and humidity ≥50MΩ
(4) Contact resistance: ≤ 100 mΩ
(5) Dielectric strength: ≥500VAC single 0.35mm
(6) weight <2g

KSD-01F Datasheet PDF

KSD-01F pdf
Official Site : http://fuyuanfuse.com/en/productshow.asp?id=3043

Other data sheets within the file : KSD-01F, KSD-07F, KSD-10F, KSD-2SF, KSD-6F

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