IRMCF188 Datasheet – Digital Motor Controller (iMOTION)

Part number : IRMCF188, IRMCF188TR, IRMCF188TY

Function : High Performance Sensorless Motor Control IC

Package : LQFP 64 Pin Type

Manufacturer : International Rectifier, Infineon Technologies


IRMCF188 digital motor controller


IRMCF188 is a high performance Flash based motion control IC designed and optimized for complete air conditioner control which contains two computation engines integrated into one monolithic chip. One is the Flexible Motion Control Engine (MCETM) for sensorless control of permanent magnet motors or induction motors; the other is an 8-bit high-speed microcontroller (8051). The user can program a motion control algorithm by connecting these control elements using a graphic compiler.


IRMCF188 datasheet pinout


1. MCETM (Flexible Motion Control Engine) – Dedicated computation engine for high efficiency sinusoidal sensorless motor control
2. Built-in hardware peripheral for single or two shunt current feedback reconstruction and analog
3. Supports induction machine and both interior and surface permanent magnet motor sensorless
4. Dedicated PFC PWM for digital PFC control
5. Loss minimization Space Vector PWM
6. Three-channel analog output (PWM)
7. Embedded 8-bit high speed microcontroller (8051)



IRMCF188 Datasheet PDF