IRF260 Datasheet – N-Ch, 200V, MOSFET

Part number : IRF260, IRF260B, IRF260C, IRFP260N

Function : N-Channel Power MOSFET ( 50A, 200V )

Package : TO-3PB, TO-247AB

Manufacturer : Nell Semiconductor, International Rectifier, Infienon


IRF260 MOSFET Transistor


The IRF260 is a three-terminal silicon device with current conduction capability of 50A, fast switching speed, low on-state resistance, breakdown voltage rating of 200V, and max. threshold voltage of 4 volts. They are designed for use in applications such as switched mode power supplies, DC to DC converters, motor control circuits, UPS and general purpose switching appllications.


IRF260 pinout datasheet


1. Ultra low gate charge
2. Low reverse transfer capacitance
3. Fast switching capability
4. 100% avalache energy specified
5. Improved dv/dt capability
6. Simple Drive Requirements

IRF260 Datasheet