Hi3535 – H.264 Encoding and Decoding Processor

Part number : Hi3535

Functions : H.264 Encoding and Decoding Processor

Package information : EDHS-PBGA Type

Manufacturer : Hisilicon Technologies ( http://www.hisilicon.com/ )

Image :

Hi3535 image

Product Information

Hi3535 is for high-definition multi-channel or multi-channel D1 NVR product application development professional SOC chip. Built Hi3535 A9 processor and high performance with up to 5-way 1080P video decoding capabilities, multi-protocol decoding engine, integrated with High-performance video multiple complex image processing algorithms / image processing engine, combined with dual high definition display output capabilities, Customer product provides excellent image quality. Hi3535 integrates a rich peripheral interfaces, providing customers with differentiated production Product functionality, performance, image quality, while greatly reducing the cost of ebom.

Block Diagram
Hi3535 datasheet diagram

Official HomePage : http://www.hisilicon.com/products/digital.html

Hi3535 Datasheet PDF


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