FSP3529 PDF – FSP3529 – DIP 20Pin – Fairchild

Part number : FSP3529

Functions :

Package information :  DIP 20 Pin

Manufacturer : Fairchild

Image :

FSP3529 image


1. half-bridge (or 494) power supply monitoring IC + two 431+ PWM
2. High level of integration and few external components
3. 3.3V, 5V and 12V overvoltage protection
4. 3.3V, 5V and 12V voltage protection
5. -12V and / or -5V voltage protection
6. Over Power and Short-Circuit Protection
7. AC input voltage drops alarm circuit
8. PG circuit
9. PSON and PG signal delay time
10. Remote on / off function
11. containing the error amplifier and oscillator
12. Two 431 regulators for 3.3 and 5V voltage
13. Latch pulse width modulation (PWM), can cycle by cycle switch
14. push-pull pulse width modulation works and totem pole output driver
15. Soft start and maximum duty cycle of 93%



FSP3529 datasheet


FSP3529 circuit fairchild

FSP3529 Datasheet PDF PDF Download

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