D822 Datasheet – NPN Power Transistor

D822 is NPN Transistor for color TV horizontal output applications.

Part number : D822

Functions : NPN transistor for audio amplifier, voltage regulator and DC-DC converter

Package : TO-126, SOT-32, TO-3 Type

Manufacturer : NEC => Renesas Technology, Toshiba


D822 transistor pinout

Functions :

The 2SD882 is NPN silicon transistor suited for the output stage of 3 watts audio amplifier, voltage regulator, DC-DC converter and relay driver.


1. Low saturation voltage.

2. Excellent hFE linearilty and high hFE

3. Less cramping space required due to small and thin package and reducing the trouble for attachement to a radiator. NO insulator bushing required.


Electrical Characteristics
D882 Datasheet PDF

Toshiba, Color TV Horizontal output applications.

pinout to-3 type



1. High Voltage : Vcbo = 1500 V
2. Low Saturation Voltage : Vce(sat) = 5V (Max.) (Ic=6A, Ib=1.2A)
3. High Speed : tf = 1.0us ( Max. )
4. Glass passivated collector-base junction

D822 Datasheet PDF Download

D822 pdf

Other data sheets within the file : 2SD822