BA7751 Datasheet – Audio signal processing – Rohm

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Part number : BA7751, BA7751ALS, BA7752LS

Functions : This is a kind of normal audio signal processings

Package : ZIP 24 Pin Type

Manufacturer : Rohm



General Information

The BA7751 is monolithic ICs, that contains a playback equailzer amplifier, ALC circuit, recording amplifer and recording / replaying swichs and their logic control circuits intergarted in 1 chip

Pinout ( Pin arrangement )



1. Provided with many switchs required for processing audio signals.
2. Amplifiers required for recording / replaying audio are integrated in 1 chip.
3. Excellent S/N and distrotion factor are realized by introducing a high-level ALC VR.
4. ALC level is settable by an externally connected resistance.



1. VTR processing audio signals


BA7751 Datasheet PDF File