YDA176 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : YDA176

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, DIGITAL INPUT STEREO 15W DIGITAL AUDIO POWER AMPLIFIER.

Pin arrangement :

Package information :

Manufacturer : YAMAHA

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YDA176 Datasheet PDF

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PRELIMINARY YDA176 Application Manual D-507DL DIGITAL INPUT STEREO 15W DIGITAL AUDIO POWER AMPLIFIER YDA176 APPLICATION MANUAL CATALOG No. LSI-6DA176A10 2012.6 PRELIMINARY YDA176 6DA176A10 2 PRELIMINARY YDA176 PRECAUTIONS AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR SAFETY WARNING Prohibited Prohibited Prohibited Instructions Do not use the device under stresses beyond those listed in Absolute Maximum Ratings. Such stresses may become causes of breakdown, damages, or deterioration, causing explosion or ignition, and this may lead to fire or personal injury. Do not mount the device reversely or improperly and also do not connect a supply voltage in wrong polarity. Otherwise, this may cause current and/or power-consumption to exceed the absolute maximum ratings, causing personal injury due to explosion or ignition as well as causing breakdown, damages, or deterioration. And, do not use the device again that has been improperly mounted and powered once. Do not short between pins. In particular, when different power supply pins, such as between high-voltage and low-voltage pins, are shorted, smoke, fire, or explosion may take place. As to devices capable of generating sound from its speaker outputs, please design with safety of your products and system in mind, such as the consequences of unusual speaker output due to a malfunction or failure. A speaker dissipates heat in a voice-coil by air flow accompanying vibration of a diaphragm. When a DC signal (several Hz or less) is input due to device failure, heat dissipation characteristics degrade rapidly, thereby leading to voice-coil burnout, smoking or ignition of the speaker even if it is used within the rated input value. CAUTION Prohibited Instructions Instructions Instructions Instructions Instructions Instructions Instructions Do not use Yamaha products in close proximity to burning materials, combustible substances, or inflammable materials, in order to prevent the spread of the fire caused by Yamaha products, and to prevent th [ … ]

YDA176 PDF File

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