WPM9435 – P-Channel Enhancement Mode MOSFET

WPM9435 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : WPM9435

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, P-Channel Enhancement Mode MOSFET.

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Manufacturer : WillSEMI

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WPM9435 Datasheet PDF

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WPM9435 WPM9435 P-Channel Enhancement Mode MOSFET www.willsemi.com


The WPM9435 is the P-Channel logic enhancement mode power field effect transistors are produced using high cell density, DMOS trench technology. This high density process is especially tailored to minimize on-state resistance. These devices are particularly suited for low voltage application, notebook computer power management and other battery powered circuits where high-side switching.


z z z z z -30V/-5A,RDS(ON)= 36mŸ@VGS=- 10V -30V/-4A,RDS(ON)= 53mŸ@VGS=-4.5V Super high density cell design for extremely low RDS (ON) Exceptional on-resistance and maximum DC current capability SOP – 8P package design D D D D Application z z z z z Power Management in Note book Portable Equipment Battery Powered System DC/DC Converter Load Switch S S S G WPM9435 YYWW YYWW = Date Code WPM9435 = Specific Device Code Order information 3DUW1XPEHU WPM9435-8/TR 3DUW1XPEHU SOP-8P 6KLSSLQJ 2500Tape&Reel http://www.willsemi.com Page 1 1/2009 Rev 1.3 Free Datasheet http:/// WPM9435 PIN DESCRIPTION Pin 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Symbol S S S G D D D D


Source Source Source Gate Drain Drain Drain Drain Absolute Maximum Ratings (TA=25 unless otherwise specified) 3DUDPHWHU 6PERO VDS Drain-Source voltage VGS Gate-Source Voltage ID Continuous Drain Steady-State TA=25ć Current Steady-State TA=70ć IDM Pulse Drain Current PD Power Dissipation TA=25ć TA=70ć TJ Operating Junction Temperature Range Tstg Storage Temperature Range RșJA Thermal Resistance-Junction to Ambient 9DOXH -30 ±20 -7.2 -5.0 -25 2.8 1.8 -55~150 70 8QLWV V V A A W ć ć/W Electrical Characteristics (TA=25к Unless otherwise noted) Parameter Static Drain-Source Breakdown Voltage Gate Threshold Voltage Gate Leakage Current Zero Gate Voltage Drain Current On-State Drain Current Drain-Source On-Resistance Forward Transconductance Diode Forward Voltage V(BR)DSS VGS=0V,ID=-250uA VGS(th) VDS=VG [ … ]

WPM9435 PDF File

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