WH1602A-TMI-ET – LCD Module

WH1602A-TMI-ET Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : WH1602A-TMI-ET

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, LCD Module.

Pin arrangement :

Package information :

Manufacturer : Winstar

Image :

WH1602A-TMI-ET Datasheet PDF

The texts in the PDF file :

Winstar Display Co., LTD 住址: 407 台中市中清路 163 號 No.163 Chung Ching RD., Taichune, Taiwan, R.O.C 華凌光電股份有限公司 WEB: http://www.winstar.com.tw E-mail: winstar@winstar.com.tw Tel:886-4-24262208 Fax:886-4-24262207 SPECIFICATION CUSTOMER : MODULE NO.: WH1602A-TMI-ET# APPROVED BY: ( FOR CUSTOMER USE ONLY ) PCB VERSION: DATA: SALES BY APPROVED BY CHECKED BY PREPARED BY ISSUED DATE: 第 1 頁,共 30 頁 Free Datasheet http:/// Winstar Display Co., LTD MODLE NO: 華凌光電股份有限公司 DOC. FIRST ISSUE RECORDS OF REVISION REVISED PAGE NO. SUMMARY VERSION DATE 0 2006-9-4 First issue Winstar reserves the right to change products and specifications without notice at any time. 第 2 頁,共 30 頁 Free Datasheet http:/// Contents 1.Module Classification Information 2.Precautions in use of LCD Modules 3.General Specification 4.Absolute Maximum Ratings 5.Electrical Characteristics 6.Optical Characteristics 7.Interface Pin Function 8.Contour Drawing & Block Diagram 9.Function


10.Character Generator ROM Pattern 11.Instruction Table 12.Timing Characteristics 13.Initializing of LCM 14.Reliability 15.Backlight Information 16. Inspection specification 17. Material List of Components for RoHs 第 3 頁,共 30 頁 Free Datasheet http:/// 1.Module 1.Module Classification Information W H 1 6 0 2 A-T M I- ET# Brand:WINSTAR DISPLAY CORPORATION Display Type:H→ Character Type, G→ Graphic Type Display Font:Character 16 words, 2Lines. Model serials no. Backlight Type: N→ Without backlight B→ EL, Blue green D→ EL, Green W→ EL, White F→ CCFL, White Y→ LED, Yellow Green LCD Mode: B→ TN Positive, Gray N→ TN Negative, G→ STN Positive, Gray Y→ STN Positive, Yellow Green LCD Polarize A→ Reflective, N.T, 6:00 Type/ Temperature D→ Reflective, N.T, 12:00 range/ View direction G→ Reflective, W. T, 6:00 J→ Reflective, [ … ]


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