VD5027 – (VD5026 – VD5028) ENCODER / DECODER

VD5027 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : VD5027

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, (VD5026 – VD5028) ENCODER / DECODER.

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Manufacturer : ETC

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VD5027 Datasheet PDF

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ENCODER / DECODER 4 種不同狀態編碼 / 解碼器 VD5026/5027/5028 1.0 FEATURES Wide operating voltage (2 – 6V) Low standby power consumption On-chip RC oscillator, no crystal required Four time transmission with polarity checking Maximum of 4,194,304 combinations encoding capability Minimize external components Easy interface with RF, Ultrasonic or Infrared transmission Media Bonding option available to maximize encoding capacity possible addressing states. (0, 1, open and 4th state) 2.0 ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS 特點 工作電壓 (2 – 6V) 靜態功耗低 芯片上置有振盪器, 無需液晶體 4 次極態校驗發送 最多可有 4,194,304 種編碼能力 外接零件少 容易與 RF, 超音波或紅外線 傳送媒體連接 可選擇接駁方式, 4 種形態(0, with 4 開啟及 4th), 可增加編碼能力 電特性 VDD = 5V, TA = 25℃ (unless otherwise specified 特別註明除外) LIMITS SYMBOL MIN TYP 5 MAX 6 0.6 400 0.19 72 25 V µA µA mA mA KHz PARAMETER UNIT Operating Voltage 工作電壓 Standby Current 靜態電流 Operating Current 工作電流 Output Voltage High Output Voltage Low Frequency 頻率 Source Current 來源電流 (VOH = 4V) Sink Current 灌進電流 (VOL = 1V) Input Current 輸入電流 輸出高電壓 輸出低電壓 VDD ISB IDD |VOH| VOL FREQ Ioh Iol Iin (TE) 2 4.0 45 -2.0 2.0 – mA mA µA 3.0 APPLICATION 應用 Security systems Theft alarm systems Cordless telephone Smoke and fire alarm systems TV GAME remote controllers Garage door controller Other remote control systems (TOYS, TV ) 保安系統 防盜警告系統 無線電話 煙火警告系統 電視遊戲無線搖控器 車房門控制器 其他搖控系統 ENCODER / DECODER 4 種不同狀態編碼 / 解碼器 VD5026/5027/5028 – [ … ]

VD5027 PDF File

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