V23134-J0052-D642 – Plug-in Maxi ISO Relays

V23134-J0052-D642 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : V23134-J0052-D642

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Plug-in Maxi ISO Relays.

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Manufacturer : TE

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V23134-J0052-D642 Datasheet PDF

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Plug-in Maxi ISO Relays Power Relay F7 n Pin n Customized assignment similar to ISO 7588 part 1 versions on request – 24VDC versions with contact gap >0.8mm – Integrated components (e.g. resistor, diode) – Customized marking/color – Special covers (e.g. notches, release features, brackets) Typical applications Cross carline up to 70A for example: ABS control, cooling fan, energy management, engine control, glow plug, heated front screen, ignition, lamps: front, rear, fog light, main switch/supply relay. F134J_a_bw Contact arrangement 1 form A, 1 form A, 1 form A, 1 NO 1 NO 1 NO Contact gap – – >0.8mm Rated voltage 12VDC 24VDC 24VDC1) Limiting continuous current 23°C 70A 70A 70A 85°C 50A 50A 50A 125°C 30A 30A 30A Limiting making current2) 240A 240A 240A Limiting breaking current 70A 25A 40A Limiting short-time current 3) overload current, ISO 8820-3 1.35 x 50A, 1800s 2.00 x 50A, 5s 3.50 x 50A, 0.5s 6.00 x 50A, 0.2s Jump start test, ISO 16750-1 24VDC for 5min, conducting nominal current at 23°C Contact material Silver based Min. recommended contact load4) 1A at 5VDC Initial voltage drop, form A (NO) contact at 10A, typ./max. 10/300mV Frequency of operation at nominal load 6 ops./min (0.1Hz) Operate/release time typ. 7/2ms5) Electrical endurance resistive load at 14VDC >1×105 ops. – 70A >2×105 ops. – 50A resistive load at 28VDC – >1x105ops. >1×105 ops. 25A 50A Max. DC load breaking capacity ECR0629-N Contact Data Contact Data (continued) Mechanical endurance >1x107ops. 1) Special high performance 24VDC version with contact gap >0.8mm, part number V23134-A0056-X408 (see part number table). 2) The values apply to a resistive or inductive load with suitable spark suppression and at maximum 14VDC for 12VDC or 28VDC for 24VDC load voltages. For a load current duration of maximum 3s for a make/break ratio of 1:10. 3) Current and time are c [ … ]

V23134-J0052-D642 PDF File

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