UTC324 – Qyad Operational Amplifiers

UTC324 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : UTC324

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Qyad Operational Amplifiers.

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Manufacturer : Youwang

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UTC324 Datasheet PDF

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UTC324 QUAD OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIERS DESCRIPTION LINEAR INTEGRATED CIRCUIT The UTC324 consists of four independent, high gain internally frequency compensated operational amplifiers which were designed specifically to operate from a single power supply over a wide voltage range. Operation from split power supplies is also possible so long as the difference between the two supplies 3 Volts to 32 volts. Application areas include transducer amplifier, DC gain blocks and all the conventional OP amp circuits which now can be easily implemented in single power supply system. FEATURES *Internally frequency compensated for unity gain *Large DC voltage gain :100dB *Wide operating supply range(Vcc=3V~32V) *Input common-mode voltage includes ground *Large output voltage swing: From 0V to Vcc-1.5V *Power drain suitable for battery operation ORDERING INFORMATION Device UTC324D UTC324E Package DIP-14-300-2.54 SOP-14-225-1.27 BLOCK DIAGRAM Only one section Vcc IN (-) Output IN (+) GND ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS(Ta=25°C) Characteristic Supply Voltage Differential input voltage Input Voltage Power Dissipation Operating Temperature Symbol Vcc Vi(diff) VI Pd Topr ±18 or 36 32 -0.3~32V 570 0 to +70 Value Unit V V V mW °C YOUWANG ELECTRONICS CO.LTD 1 REV 1.2 2004.7.20 UTC324 Storage Temperature Tstg LINEAR INTEGRATED CIRCUIT -65 to 150 °C ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS( Ta=25°C ) (Vcc=5.0V,All voltage referenced to GND unless otherwise specified) Characteristic Input offset voltage Input offset current Input Bias current Input Common-mode voltage range Supply Current Large signal Voltage Gain Symbol VIO IIO Ib VI(R) Icc GV V(OH) Test Condition VCM=0 to Vcc-1.5 Vo(p)=1.4V,Rs=0 Min Typ. 1.5 3.0 40 Max 7.0 50 250 Unit mV nA nA V Vcc=30V RL=∞,Vcc=30V Vcc=5V Vcc=15V,RL>2kΩ Vo(p)=1V to 11V Vcc=30V,RL=2kΩ Vcc=30V,RL=10kΩ Vcc=5,RL>10kΩ 0 Vcc1.5 1.0 0.7 3 1.2 mA mA V/mV V 25 26 27 65 65 100 Output voltage Swing V(OL [ … ]

UTC324 PDF File

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