UPD63711 – CD Digital Servo/Data Processor

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Part number : UPD63711

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, CD Digital Servo/Data Processor.

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Manufacturer : NEC

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UPD63711 Datasheet PDF

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PRELIMINARY PRODUCT INFORMATION MOS INTEGRATED CIRCUIT µPD63711 COMPACT DISC DIGITAL SERVO/DATA PROCESSOR WITH ON-CHIP RF AMPLIFIER The µPD63711 is an LSI that has all of the functions required to control a CD player, with a digital servo, data processor, RF amplifier, audio DAC, and post-processing filter incorporated on a single chip. CD-TEXT is also supported. Detailed function descriptions are provided in the following user’s manuals. Be sure to read them before designing. µPD63711 User’s Manual: To be prepared FEATURES • Realization of set miniaturization by integrating a digital servo, data processor, 8-fs oversampling digital filter, D/A converter, and RF amplifier on a single chip. • On-chip SCF (Switched Capacitor Filter) as audio DAC block post-processing filter • Employment of digital loop filter for four servo systems. Since the filter coefficient is programmable, a variety of characteristics can be realized. • On-chip automatic adjustment function. Automatic adjustments of focus offset, focus gain, focus balance, tracking offset, tracking gain, and tracking balance are possible. • On-chip 16-Kbit SRAM needed for de-interleaving. • Since a digital PLL circuit is employed, the external components of the bit clock regeneration circuit are not needed. • CIRC error correction capability C1: Double correction C2: Quadruple correction (CD-ROM mode) • On-chip fourth order ∆Σ type one-bit D/A converter and post-processing filter • On-chip mirror circuit, DEFECT circuit, RFOK circuit, and EFM comparator. • A de-emphasis circuit can be controlled via a microcontroller for supporting connection with shock-proof ICs. • Crystal oscillation stop function • Pickup of both current and voltage output can be supported. • Single 5-V power supply ORDERING INFORMATION Part Number Package 100-pin plastic LQFP (fine pitch) (14 × 14 mm) µPD63711GC-8EU The information contained in this document is being issued i [ … ]

UPD63711 PDF File

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