UAA145 – Phase Control Circuit for Industrial Applications

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Part number : UAA145

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Phase Control Circuit for Industrial Applications.

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Manufacturer : TEMIC

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UAA145 Datasheet PDF

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UAA145 Phase Control Circuit for Industrial Applications


The UAA145 is a bipolar integrated circuit, designed to provide phase control for industrial applications. It permits the number of components in thyristor drive circuits to be drastically reduced. The versatility of the device is further enhanced by the provision of a large number of pins giving access to internal circuit points.


D Separate pulse output synchronized by mains half wave Applications D Output pulse-width is freely adjustable D Phase angle variable from >0° to <180° D High-impedance phase shift input D Less than 3° pulse symmetry between two half-cycles or phase of different integrated circuits D Industrial power control D Silicon controlled rectifier Package: DIP16 (special case) Block Diagram 9 om po ne 6 D Output pulse blocking nt s Pulse inhibit Puls generator 11 Voltage synchronisation Gm bH 16 Channel selection Pos. / Neg. half wave 2 PHW 10 Ad ro nic C Ramp generator 7 Comparator S R Memory 14 NHW –V Ref 15 Supply +15 –15 13 3 1 8 95 11298 PHW = Positive half wave NHW = Negative half wave Figure 1. Block diagram TELEFUNKEN Semiconductors Rev. A1, 29-May-96 1 (11) UAA145 General


The operation of the circuit is best explained with the help of the block diagram shown in figure 1. It comprises a synchronizing stage, ramp generator, voltage com-parator, pulse generator, channel selecting stage and two output amplifiers. The circuit diagram in figure 2 also shows the external components and terminal connections necessary for operation of the circuit. As can be seen from figure 2, the circuit requires two supply rails i.e. a +15 V and a –15 V. The positive voltage is applied directly to Pin 1, while an external series resistor in each line is used to connect the negative voltage Pin 13 and Pin 15. In the following circuit description each section of the block diagrams is discussed separately. Ramp Generator Transistor T7 ampl [ … ]

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