UA723C – Precision voltage regulator

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Part number : UA723C

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Precision voltage regulator.

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Manufacturer : NXP

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UA723C Datasheet PDF

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Philips Semiconductors Product specification Precision voltage regulator µA723/723C DESCRIPTION The µA723/µA723C is a monolithic precision voltage regulator capable of operation in positive or negative supplies as a series, shunt, switching, or floating regulator. The 723 contains a temperature-compensated reference amplifier, error amplifier, series pass transistor, and current limiter, with access to remote shutdown. PIN CONFIGURATION D,F, N Packages NC 1 CURRENT LIMIT 2 CURRENT SENSE 3 INVERTING INPUT 4 14 NC 13 FREQUENCY COMPENS. 12 V+ 11 V C 10 V OUT 9 8 VZ NC FEATURES NON-INVERTING INPUT 5 VREF 6 V– 7 • Positive or negative supply operation • Series, shunt, switching, or floating operation • 0.01% line and load regulation • Output voltage adjustable from 2V to 37V • Output current to 150mA without external pass transistor • µA723 MIL-STD-883A, B, C available ORDERING INFORMATION DESCRIPTION 14-Pin Ceramic Dual In-Line Package (CERDIP) 14-Pin Plastic Dual In-Line Package (DIP) 14-Pin Plastic Small Outline (SO) Package SL00503 Figure 1. Pin Configuration TEMPERATURE RANGE -55°C to 125°C 0 to 70°C 0 to 70°C ORDER CODE µA723F µA723CN µA723CD DWG # 0581B SOT27-1 SOT108-1 EQUIVALENT CIRCUIT FREQUENCY COMPENSATION 12 V+ VIN 13 11 VC TEMPERATURE COMPENSATED ZENER VREF 8 INVERTING INPUT 4 ERROR AMP SERIES PASS TRANSISTOR – + 10 VOUT NON INVERTING INPUT VOLTAGE REFERENCE AMPLIFIER 7 V– 2 CURRENT LIMIT 3 CURRENT SENSE 9 VZ SL00504 Figure 2. Equivalent Circuit 1994 Aug 31 1 853-1063 13721 Philips Semiconductors Product specification Precision voltage regulator µA723/723C ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS SYMBOL Continuous voltage from V+ to VInput-output voltage differential VDIFF VCM IOUT Error amplifier maximum input differential voltage Error amplifier non-inverting input (Pin 5) to -V (Pin 7) Maximum output current Current from VREF Current from VZ PMAX Maximum power dissipati [ … ]

UA723C PDF File

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