U20C20A – 20.0 Ampere Dual Common Cathode Ultra Fast Recovery Diodes

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Part number : U20C20A

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, 20.0 Ampere Dual Common Cathode Ultra Fast Recovery Diodes.

Pin arrangement :

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Manufacturer : Thinki Semiconductor

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U20C20A Datasheet PDF

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U20C20C thru U20C60C ® U20C20C thru U20C60C Pb Pb Free Plating Product 20.0 Ampere Dual Common Cathode Ultra Fast Recovery Diodes


Fast switching for high efficiency Low forward voltage drop High current capability Low reverse leakage current High surge current capability Application Automotive Inverters/Solar Inverters Plating Power Supply,SMPS and UPS Car Audio Amplifiers and Sound Device Systems Mechanical Data Case: Heatsink TO-220AB Epoxy: UL 94V-0 rate flame retardant Terminals: Solderable per MIL-STD-202 method 208 Polarity: As marked on diode body Mounting position: Any Weight: 2.2 gram approximately TO-220AB .419(10.66) .387(9.85) .139(3.55) MIN Unit : inch (mm) .196(5.00) .163(4.16) .054(1.39) .045(1.15) .269(6.85) .226(5.75) .624(15.87) .548(13.93) .177(4.5)MAX .50(12.7)MIN .038(0.96) .019(0.50) .1(2.54) .1(2.54) .025(0.65)MAX Case Positive Common Cathode Suffix “C” Case Negative Common Anode Suffix “A” Case Doubler Tandem Polarity Suffix “D” MAXIMUM RATINGS AND ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS Rating at 25oC ambient temperature unless otherwise specified. Single phase, half wave, 60Hz, resistive or inductive load. For capacitive load, derate current by 20%. SYMBOL Maximum Recurrent Peak Reverse Voltage VRRM U20C20C U20C20A U20C20D 200 U20C40C U20C40A U20C40D 400 Maximum RMS Voltage VRMS 140 280 Maximum DC Blocking Voltage VDC 200 400 Maximum Average Forward Rectified Current TC=125oC IF(AV) 20.0 U20C60C U20C60A U20C60D 600 420 600 UNIT V V V A Peak Forward Surge Current, 8.3ms single Half sine-wave superimposed on rated load (JEDEC method) IFSM 200 175 A Maximum Instantaneous Forward Voltage @ 10.0 A Maximum DC Reverse Current @TJ=25oC At Rated DC Blocking Voltage @TJ=125oC Maximum Reverse Recovery Time (Note 1) Typical junction Capacitance (Note 2) Operating Junction and Storage Temperature Range VF IR Trr CJ TJ, TSTG 0.98 120 1.3 10.0 250 35 70 -55 to +150 1.7 V uA uA nS pF oC NOTES : (1) Reverse recovery [ … ]

U20C20A PDF File

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