TSUM16AK – SXGA LCD Controller

TSUM16AK Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : TSUM16AK

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, SXGA LCD Controller.

Pin arrangement :

Package information :

Manufacturer : Mstar

Image :

TSUM16AK Datasheet PDF

The texts in the PDF file :

TSUM16AK SXGA LCD Controller with MCU, Analog Interface and Dual LVDS Transmitter Data Sheet Version 1.0 FEATURES n Input Ports Ÿ RGB analog input port supports up to 165 MHz (UXGA @ 60Hz) Ÿ Full SOG and composite sync support, including copy protected signals n On-screen Display Controller (OSD) Ÿ Built-in OSD generator with 291 character font programmable RAM Ÿ Internal OSD rotation degree of 90 and 270 Ÿ Supports 2/4/8 multi-color fonts Ÿ Supports 8/16/256 color palette Ÿ Supports 1K code attributes Ÿ Gradient color function Ÿ Hardware button animation function Ÿ Pattern generator for production test Ÿ Supports OSD MUX and alpha blending capability n Display Processing Engine Ÿ Patent-pending Hybrid Image Resolution Converter Ÿ Variable sharpness control Ÿ Interlaced to progressive conversion Ÿ Patent-pending Dynamic Frame-Rate generator (DFR) – short line storage frame extension technique eliminates short lines in output frames Ÿ Media Window Enhancement (MWE)Note Ÿ Peaking & coring functions for sharpness enhancement and noise reduction Ÿ Brightness and contrast control Ÿ Programmable 10-bit gamma correction Ÿ sRGB support n n Output Display Interface Ÿ Supports 6/8-bit LVDS panel interface Ÿ Supports up to SXGA display resolution with up to 135 MHz dot clock Ÿ Spread spectrum output frequency for EMI suppression Ÿ PWM backlight intensity control DPMS Support Ÿ Full Green Mode DPMS support Ÿ Low standby power (< 16mA) n Auto-Detection / Auto-Tune Support Ÿ Auto input signal format (SOG, Composite, Separated HSYNC and VSYNC) Ÿ Input mode detection support analyzes input video signal (H/V polarity, H/V frequency, interlace/field detect) – extensive status registers support robust detection of all VESA & IBM modes Ÿ Auto-tuning function including support for phase selection, image position, offset & gain and jitter detection Ÿ Smart screen-fitting n n Embedded MCU Ÿ 8032 CPU Ÿ ISP Support Ÿ UART Support Ÿ 19 GPIO Ext [ ... ]


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