TNR14V820K – Metal Oxide Varistor

TNR14V820K Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : TNR14V820K

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Metal Oxide Varistor.

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Manufacturer : United Chemi-Con

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TNR14V820K Datasheet PDF

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V Series Ⅲ Metal Oxide Varistor Ⅲ General Purpose Ⅲ Small Size Ⅲ UL 1414 and 1449 Approved Ⅲ ‫؀‬85؇C Maximum Temperature Actual Size The V series is a standard metal oxide varistor series from UCC/NCC that are designed for use as surge protectors in general purpose applications. These MOVs are a smaller size and have higher energy and surge ratings compared to the G series. The varistors with a 5mm or 7.5mm lead spacing are available with ammo pack taping. Refer to the Mini -Glossary at the end of the metal oxide varistors section for additional technical information and specifications. Summary of Specifications Ⅲ Radial lead terminals. Ⅲ Operating temperature range: ‫؁‬40؇C to ‫؀‬85؇C. Ⅲ Maximum voltage range: 8 to 1,000VAC or 12 to 1,465VDC. Ⅲ Standard varistor voltage tolerance: ؓ10% Ⅲ Maximum energy: 0.4 to 720 J depending on case size. Ⅲ Maximum surge current: 250 to 10,000A. Ⅲ Maximum case size (D‫؂‬H‫؂‬T ): 7.0‫؂‬10.0‫؂‬4.5mm to 23.5‫؂‬28.0‫؂‬14.8mm. United Chemi-Con, Inc. 9801 W. Higgins Road, Rosemont, IL 60018 Tel 847-696-2000 Fax 847-696-9278 131 V METAL OXIDE VARISTOR V Series V Specifications Item Operating Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range Maximum Voltage Range Varistor Voltage Varistor Voltage Tolerance Maximum Energy Maximum Surge Current Maximum Case Size ( D‫؂‬H‫؂‬T ) Agency Approvals Characteristics ‫؁‬40 to ‫؀‬85؇C ‫؁‬50 to ‫؀‬125؇C 8 to 1,000VAC or 12 to 1,465VDC 18 to 470V at 0.1mA DC for Ø5mm; 15 to 1,800V at 1mA DC for Ø7mm to Ø20mm. ؓ10% ( K ) 0.4 to 720 Joules at 2ms 250 to 10,000A at 8 /20␮s 7.0‫؂‬10.0‫؂‬4.5mm to 23.5‫؂‬28.0‫؂‬14.8mm UL1414 and 1449 Diagram of Dimensions Metal Oxide Varistor/Radial Lead ØD Max. T Max. Unit: mm and inches H Max. L Min. Ød F F2 Dimensions (mm) Nom. Dia. 5mm 7mm 10mm 14mm 20mm Varistor Voltage ≤ 68 82-220 ≥ 240 ≤ 68 82-270 ≥ [ … ]

TNR14V820K PDF File

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