TMG16D60 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : TMG16D60

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, TRIAC.

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Manufacturer : SanRex Corporation

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TMG16D60 Datasheet PDF

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TRIAC(Through Hole / Non-isolated) TMG16D60 Triac TMG16D60 is designed for full wave AC control applications. It can be used as an ON/OFF function or for phase control operation. Typical Applications ( Sensitive Gate) Home Appliances : Washing Machines, Vacuum Cleaners, Rice Cookers, Micro Wave Ovens, Hair Dryers, other control applications Industrial Use : SMPS, Copier Machines, Motor Controls, Dimmer, SSR, Heater Controls, Vending Machines, other control applications


IT(RMS)=16A High Surge Current Low Voltage Drop Lead-Free Package Identifying Code T16D6 Unit mm Maximum Ratings Symbol VDRM IT RMS ITSM I2t PGM PG AV IGM VGM Tj Tstg Item Repetitive Peak Off-State Voltage R.M.S. On-State Current Surge On-State Current I2t for fusing Peak Gate Power Dissipation Average Gate Power Dissipation Peak Gate Current Peak Gate Voltage Operating Junction Temperature Storage Temperature Mass Reference Tj=25 unless otherwise specified Tc 98 One cycle, 50Hz/60Hz, Peak value non-repetitive Ratings 600 16 155/170 120 5 0.5 2 10 40 125 40 150 2 Unit V A A A2S W W A V g Electrical Characteristics Symbol IDRM VTM I GT1 I GT1 I GT3 I GT3 V GT1 V GT1 V GT3 V GT3 VGD dv/dt c IH Rth Item Repetitive Peak Off-State Current Peak On-State Voltage 1 2 Gate Trigger Current 3 4 1 2 Gate Trigger Voltage 3 4 Non-Trigger Gate Voltage Critical Rate of Rise of Off-State Voltage at Commutation Reference VD=VDRM, Single phase, half wave, Tj 125 IT 25A, Inst. measurement Min. Ratings Typ. Max. 2 1.4 10 10 10 1.5 1.5 1.5 Unit mA V mA VD 6V RL 10 V Tj 125 Tj 125 VD 1 2VDRM 0.2 A/ms VD 2 3VDRM V V/ s 25 1.4 mA /W di/dt c 10 Holding Current Thermal Resistance Junction to case Trigger mode of the triac Mode I Mode I Mode Mode SanRex 50 Seaview Blvd. Port Washington, NY 11050 PH(516)625-1313 FX(516)625-8845 TMG16D60 3 1 1 1 1 3 SanRex 50 Seaview Blvd. Port Washington, NY 11050 PH(516)625-1313 FX(51 [ … ]

TMG16D60 PDF File

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