TM1829 – Three-channel constant current LED driver

TM1829 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : TM1829

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Three-channel constant current LED driver.

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Manufacturer : Titan Micro Electronics

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TM1829 Datasheet PDF

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Translated from: TM1829_V1.4-chin.pdf – by BNT – Date: 07.12.13 Page 01 ——————————————————Three-channel constant current LED driver TM1829 Characterization TM1829 is a three-channel LED (light emitting diode) constant current drive control of a dedicated circuit, the internal MCU integrated single-wire digital interface, data latches Devices, LED constant current driver circuit, PWM brightness control circuit. Through the single-wire digital interface chip (DI, DO) cascade, the external controller only Single line can control the chip and its subsequent cascade chips. Constant luminance value and the PWM output port can be individually TM1829 by peripheral controller Setting. VDD pin internal 5V regulator integrated, less peripheral devices. This product is excellent performance, reliable quality.


Using power CMOS process OUT 24V output port pressure Built-in 5V VDD regulator, the series resistor voltage support 6 ~ 24V Brightness adjustment circuit 256 adjustable brightness Wire serial cascade interface Oscillation mode: Built-in RC oscillator and clock synchronization based on the data line signal, after completion of this unit can receive data automatically after After regeneration to continue sending data through the data output lower, the signal does not change with the cascade far and distortion or attenuation Built-in power-on reset circuit PWM control side can achieve 256 adjustable scan frequency 7kHz Constant current regulator can achieve 32 (10mA-41mA) By receiving and decoding a data signal line is completed When the refresh rate of 30 frames / s, the number of low-speed mode cascade of not less than 1024 points, the high-speed mode is not less than 2048 points Data transfer rate up to 800Kbps and 1.6Mbps modes Transmission distance between any two points less than 30 m Package: SOP8, DIP8 Internal structure diagram © Titan Micro Electronics V1.4 1 Free Datasheet http://www.datasheet-pd [ … ]

TM1829 PDF File

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