TLE4209A – DC Motor Driver

TLE4209A Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : TLE4209A

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, DC Motor Driver.

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Manufacturer : Infineon Technologies

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TLE4209A Datasheet PDF

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DC Motor Driver for Servo Driver Applications TLE 4209A 1 Overview 1.1


• Optimized for headlight beam control applications • Delivers up to 0.8 A • Low saturation voltage; typ. 1.2 V total @ 25 °C; 0.4 A • Output protected against short circuit • Overtemperature protection with hysteresis • Over- and undervoltage lockout • No crossover current • Internal clamp diodes • Green Product (RoHS compliant) • AEC Qualified PG-DIP-8-4 1.2


The TLE 4209A is a fully protected H-Bridge Driver designed specifically for automotive headlight beam control and industrial servo control applications. The part is built using Infineons bipolar high voltage power technology DOPL. The device is available in a PG-DIP-8-4 package. The servo-loop-parameter pos.- and neg. Hysteresis, pos.- and neg. deadband and angle-amplification are programmable with external resitors. An internal window-comparator controls the input line. In the case of a fault condition, like short circuit to GND, short circuit to supply-voltage, and broken wire, the TLE 4209A stops the motor immediately (brake condition). Furthermore the built in features like over- and undervoltage-lockout, short-circuitprotection and over-temperature-protection will open a wide range of automotive- and industrial applications. Type TLE 4209A Data Sheet Package PG-DIP-8-4 1 Rev.1.1, 2007-07-24 1.3 Pin Definitions and Functions Pin No. PG-DIP-8-4 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Symbol FB HYST OUT1 VS OUT2 GND RANGE REF Function Feedback Input Hysteresis I/O Power Output 1 Power Supply Voltage Power Output 2 Ground Range Input Reference Input PG-DIP-8-4 Figure 1 FB HYST OUT1 VS 18 27 TLE 4209A 36 45 REF RANGE GND OUT2 AEP02799 Pin Configuration (top view) TLE 4209A Overview Data Sheet 2 Rev.1.1, 2007-07-24 1.4 Functional Block Diagram TLE 4209A Overview RANGE 7 RangeAMP REF 8 FB 1 ServoAMP HYST 2 HystAMP TLE 4209A VS 4 HalfBridge Protection and Logic HalfBridge 3 OUT1 5 OUT2 6 [ … ]

TLE4209A PDF File

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