THB6128 – Development Specification Proposal

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Part Number : THB6128

Function : This is a kind of semiconductor, Development Specification Proposal.

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Manufacturer : ETC

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THB6128 データシート

Some text files in PDF file :

THB6128 Development Specification Proposal 1. Application: PWM current control stepping motor driver 2. Package: MFP30KR 3.


     1 channel PWM current control stepping motor driver BiCDMOS process IC Output on-resistance( High side 0.3 Ω, Low side 0.25 Ω, Total 0.55 Ω; Ta = 25°C, Io = 2.0 A) 2, 1-2, W1-2, 2W1-2, 4W1-2, 8W1-2, 16W1-2, 32W1-2 phase excitation are selectable Advance the excitation step with the only step signal input  Available forward reverse control  Iomax=2.2A     Over current protection circuit Thermal shutdown circuit Input pull down resistance With reset pin and enable pin 4. Absolute Maximum Ratings at Ta = 25°C Parameter Symbol Supply voltage VMmax Output current Iomax Logic input voltage VINmax VREF input voltage VREFmax MO input voltage VMOmax DOWN input voltage VDOmax Operating temperature Topg Storage temperature Tstg Ratings 40 2.2 6 6 6 6 -20 to +85 -55 to +150 Unit V A V V V V °C °C 5. Recommended Operating Range at Ta=25°C Parameter Symbol Supply voltage range VM Logic input voltage range VIN VREF input voltage range VREF Ratings 9 to 32 0 to 5 0 to 3 Unit V V V 1 6. Electrical Characteristics at Ta =25°C, VM=24V, VREF=1.5V Parameter Symbol Conditions Standby mode current drain IMstn ST=”L” current drain IM ST=”H”,OE=”H”, no load Thermal shutdown TSD Design guarantee temperature Thermal hysteresis width ΔTSD Design guarantee Logic pin input current IinL1 VIN=0.8V IinH1 VIN=5V Logic input high-level Vinh voltage Logic input low-level Vinl voltage FDT pin high-level voltage Vfdth FDT pin middle-level Vfdtm voltage FDT pin low-level voltage Vfdtl Chopping frequency Fch Cosc1=100pF OSC1 pin charge/discharge Iosc1 current Chopping oscillator circuit Vtup1 threshold voltage Vtdown1 VREF pin input voltage Iref VREF=1.5V DOWN output residual VolDO Idown=1mA voltage MO pin residual voltage VolMO Imo=1mA Hold current switching Falert Cosc2=1500pF frequency OSC2 pin charg [ … ]

THB6128 PDF File

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