TEA5570 – RF/IF circuit for AM/FM radio

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Part number : TEA5570

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, RF/IF circuit for AM/FM radio.

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Manufacturer : NXP

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TEA5570 Datasheet PDF

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INTEGRATED CIRCUITS DATA SHEET TEA5570 RF/IF circuit for AM/FM radio Product specification File under Integrated Circuits, IC01 September 1987 Philips Semiconductors Product specification RF/IF circuit for AM/FM radio GENERAL DESCRIPTION TEA5570 The TEA5570 is a monolithic integrated radio circuit for use in portable receivers and clock radios. The IC is also applicable to mains-fed AM and AM/FM receivers and car radio-receivers. Apart from the AM/FM switch function the IC incorporates for AM a double balanced mixer, ‘one-pin’ oscillator, i.f. amplifier with a.g.c. and detector, and a level detector for tuning indication. The FM circuitry comprises i.f. stages with a symmetrical limiter for a ratio detector. A level detector for mono/stereo switch information and/or indication complete the FM part.


• Simple d.c. switching for AM to FM by only one d.c. contact to ground (no switch contacts in the i.f. channel, a.f. or level detector outputs) • AM and FM gain control • Low current consumption (Itot = 6 mA) • Low voltage operation (VP = 2,7 to 9 V) • Ability to handle large AM signals; good i.f. suppression • Applicable for inductive, capacitive and diode tuning • Double smoothing of a.g.c. line • Short-wave range up to 30 MHz • Lumped or distributed i.f. selectivity with coil and/or ceramic filters • AM and a.g.c. output voltage control • Distribution of PCB wiring provides good frequency stability • Economic design for ‘AM only’ receivers. QUICK REFERENCE DATA (at Tamb = 25 °C) Supply voltage Supply current AM performance (pin 2) for m = 0,3 Sensitivity at Vo = 10 mV at S/N = 26 dB A.F. output voltage at Vi = 1 mV Total harmonic distortion at Vi = 1 mV FM performance (pin 1) for ∆f = ± 22,5 kHz limiting sensitivity, −3 dB Signal-to-noise ratio for Vi = 1 mV A.F. output voltage at Vi = 1 mV Total harmonic distortion at Vi = 1 mV AM suppression at Vi = 10 mV PACKAGE OUTLINE 16-lead DIL; plastic (SOT38); SOT38-1; 1996 July [ … ]

TEA5570 PDF File

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