TDA4605-3 – Control IC for Switched-Mode Power Supplies using MOS-Transistor

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Part number : TDA4605-3

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Control IC for Switched-Mode Power Supplies using MOS-Transistor.

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Manufacturer : Siemens Semiconductor

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TDA4605-3 Datasheet PDF

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Control IC for Switched-Mode Power Supplies using MOS-Transistor TDA 4605-3 Bipolar IC


q Fold-back characteristics provides overload protection for q q q q q q q q external components Burst operation under secondary short-circuit condition implemented Protection against open or a short of the control loop Switch-off if line voltage is too low (undervoltage switch-off) Line voltage depending compensation of fold-back point Soft-start for quiet start-up without noise generated by the transformer Chip-over temperature protection implemented (thermal shutdown) On-chip ringing suppression circuit against parasitic oscillations of the transformer AGC-voltage reduction at low load P-DIP-8-1 Type TDA 4605-3 Ordering Code Q67000-A5066 Package P-DIP-8-1 The IC TDA 4605-3 controls the MOS-power transistor and performs all necessary control and protection functions in free running flyback converters. Because of the fact that a wide load range is achieved, this IC is applicable for consumer as well as industrial power supplies. The serial circuit and primary winding of the flyback transformer are connected in series to the input voltage. During the switch-on period of the transistor, energy is stored in the transformer. During the switch-off period the energy is fed to the load via the secondary winding. By varying switch-on time of the power transistor, the IC controls each portion of energy transferred to the secondary side such that the output voltage remains nearly independent of load variations. The required control information is taken from the input voltage during the switch-on period and from a regulation winding during the switch-off period. A new cycle will start if the transformer has transferred the stored energy completely into the load. Semiconductor Group 74 06.94 TDA 4605-3 In the different load ranges the switched-mode power supply (SMPS) behaves as follows: No load operation The power supply is operating in the burst mode at typical 20 to [ … ]

TDA4605-3 PDF File

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