TDA16846 – (TDA1684x-x) Controller

TDA16846 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : TDA16846

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, (TDA1684x-x) Controller.

Pin arrangement :

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Manufacturer : Infineon Technologies

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TDA16846 Datasheet PDF

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D at a s h e e t , V 2 . 0 , 3 1 J u l y 2 0 0 3 PWM-QR IC TDA 16846/16846-2 TDA 16847/16847-2 Controller for Switch Mode Power Supplies Supporting Low Power Standby and Power Factor Power Management & Supply N e v e r s t o p t h i n k i n g . TDA 16846/TDA 16846-2/TDA 16847/TDA 16847 Revision History: Current Version: 2003-07-31 Previous Version Data Sheet TDA 16846: 2000-01-14 Previous Version Data Sheet TDA 16846-2: 2002-07-30 Page (in previous Version) 20 Page (in current Version) 20 Subjects (major changes since last revision) The data sheets for TDA 16846 and TDA 16846-2 have been combined in this version. Some measuring values are updated: Pin 1 basic value 1 V1B1 and V1B2 slightly changed. Pin 2 discharge current I2DC min changed from 0.5 mA to 0.6 mA. Pin 14 overvoltage V14OVmax threshold changed from 17.0 V to 17.1 V. Pin 3 delay to switch on t3d slightly decreased. Pin 4 charge current I4ch and discharge current I4DCH added. Pull high resistor R1min changed from 18kOhm to 15 kOhm according to the data sheet for TDA 16846. Pin 7 charge current I7 min and upper threshold V7Hmin small changed. Pin 13 rise and fall time adapted according to C13= 1nF (prev. 10 nF). V13aclow slightly decreased (only TDA 16846-2, TDA 16847-2). 21 21 22 23 22 23 TDA 16846-2/TDA 16847-2: Improvements of TDA 16846-2/TDA16847-2 compared with TDA 16846/TDA16847 Pin 5 Pin 7 Pin 11 Pin 13 Pin 14 Edition 07.03 Published by Infineon Technologies AG St.-Martin-Strasse 53 D-81541 München OCI SYN PVC OUT VCC Expanded input voltage range down to zero, series resistor between pin 5 and ground is no longer necessary. Improved startup to prevent the transformer from saturation also in fixed frequency and synchronized mode. Noise-immunity improved by spike blanking. Reduced output voltage level for off state. Noise-immunity improved by spike blanking. © Infineon Technologies AG 2003 All Rights Reserved. Attention please! The information h [ … ]

TDA16846 PDF File

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