TC595002 – Low Dropout / Negative Output Voltage Regulator Designed Specifically

TC595002 Information is available here.

Part Number : TC595002

Function : This is a kind of semiconductor, Low Dropout / Negative Output Voltage Regulator Designed Specifically.

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Manufacturer : Microchip Technology

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TC595002 データシート

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TC59 Low Dropout, Negative Output Voltage Regulator


• Low Dropout Voltage – Typically 120mV @ 50mA; 380mV @ 100mA for -5.0V Output Part • Tight Output Voltage Tolerance: ±2% Max • Low Supply Current: 3.5µA, Typ • Small Package: 3-Pin SOT-23A General


The TC59 is a low dropout, negative output voltage regulator designed specifically for battery-operated systems. Its full CMOS construction eliminates the wasted ground current typical of bipolar LDOs. This reduced supply current significantly extends battery life, particularly when the TC59 is operated in dropout. Other TC59 key features include low supply current (typically 3.0µA) and low dropout operation (typically 120mV at 50mA). The TC59 is packaged in a small 3-Pin SOT-23A package. Applications • • • • Cellular Phones Battery Operated Systems Palmtops Portable Cameras Functional Block Diagram Device Selection Table Part Number TC593002ECB TC595002ECB Output Voltage 3.0V 5.0V Package Temperature Range -VOUT 1 -VOUT 1µF 3 VSS TC59 -VIN 2 -VIN 1µF 3-Pin SOT-23A -40°C to +85°C 3-Pin SOT-23A -40°C to +85°C Other output voltages are available. Please contact Microchip Technology Inc. for details. _ + _ + Package Type 3-Pin SOT-23A VSS 4 TC59 1 -VOUT 2 -VIN NOTE: 3-Pin SOT-23A is equivalent to the EIAJ SC59 © 2002 Microchip Technology Inc. DS21438B-page 1 TC59 1.0 ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS Absolute Maximum Ratings* Input Voltage .-12V Output Current .. 200mA Output Voltage. -VDD – 0.3V to VIN + 0.3V Power Dissipation.150mW Operating Temperature Range. -40°C to +85°C Storage Temperature Range .. -40°C to +125°C Stresses above those listed under “Absolute Maximum Ratings” may cause permanent damage to the device. These are stress ratings only and functional operatio [ … ]

TC595002 PDF File

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