TC58NVG2S3ETA00 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : TC58NVG2S3ETA00

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, 4 GBIT (512M x 8 BIT) CMOS NAND E2PROM.

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Manufacturer : Toshiba

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TC58NVG2S3ETA00 Datasheet PDF

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TC58NVG2S3ETA00 TOSHIBA MOS DIGITAL INTEGRATED CIRCUIT SILICON GATE CMOS 4 GBIT (512M × 8 BIT) CMOS NAND E PROM DESCRIPTION The TC58NVG2S3E is a single 3.3V 4 Gbit (4,429,185,024 bits) NAND Electrically Erasable and Programmable Read-Only Memory (NAND E2PROM) organized as (2048 + 64) bytes × 64 pages × 4096blocks. The device has two 2112-byte static registers which allow program and read data to be transferred between the register and the memory cell array in 2112-byte increments. The Erase operation is implemented in a single block unit (128 Kbytes + 4 Kbytes: 2112 bytes × 64 pages). The TC58NVG2S3E is a serial-type memory device which utilizes the I/O pins for both address and data input/output as well as for command inputs. The Erase and Program operations are automatically executed making the device most suitable for applications such as solid-state file storage, voice recording, image file memory for still cameras and other systems which require high-density non-volatile memory data storage. 2 FEATURES • Organization Memory cell array Register Page size Block size • x8 2112 × 256K × 8 2112 × 8 2112 bytes (128K + 4K) bytes Modes Read, Reset, Auto Page Program, Auto Block Erase, Status Read, Page Copy, Multi Page Program, Multi Block Erase, Multi Page Copy, Multi Page Read Mode control Serial input/output Command control Number of valid blocks Min 4016 blocks Max 4096 blocks Power supply VCC = 2.7V to 3.6V Access time Cell array to register Serial Read Cycle Program/Erase time Auto Page Program Auto Block Erase Operating current Read (25 ns cycle) Program (avg.) Erase (avg.) Standby 30 µs max 25 ns min (CL=100pF) 300 µs/page typ. 2.5 ms/block typ. 30 mA max. 30 mA max 30 mA max 50 µA max • • • • • • • Package TSOP I 48-P-1220-0.50 (Weight: 0.53 g typ.) 1 2012-09-01 Free Datasheet http:/// TC58NVG2S3ETA00 PIN ASSIGNMENT (TOP VIEW) TC58NVG2S3ETA00 ×8 ×8 NC NC NC NC NC NC RY / BY RE CE NC NC VCC VSS N [ … ]


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