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Part number : TA8225H

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, 45W BTL AUDIO AMPLIFIER.

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Manufacturer : Toshiba Semiconductor

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TA8225H Datasheet PDF

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TOSHIBA Bipolar Linear Integrated Circuit Silicon Monolithic TA8225H,TA8225L TA8225H/L 45W BTL Audio Amplifier The TA8225H, TA8225L is BTL audio power amplifier for consumer application. It is designed for high power, low distortion and low noise. It contains various kind of protectors and the function of stand−by SW. In addition, the functions of output short or over voltage detection and junction temperature are involved.


· High power : POUT (1) = 45W (typ.) (VCC = 14.4V, f = 1kHz, THD = 10%, RL = 2Ω) : POUT (2) = 40W (typ.) (VCC = 13.2V, f = 1kHz, THD = 10%, RL = 2Ω) : POUT (3) = 24W (typ.) (VCC = 13.2V, f = 1kHz, THD = 10%, RL = 4Ω) · Low thermal resistance : θj−c = 1.5°C / W (infinite heat sink) · Excellent output power band width : POUT (4) = 18W (typ.) (VCC = 13.2V, f = 50Hz~20kHz, THD = 1%, RL = 4Ω) Weight HZIP17−P−2.00: 9.8g (typ.) HSIP17−P−2.00: 9.8g (typ.) · Low distortion ratio : THD = 0.015% (typ.) (VCC = 13.2V, f = 1kHz, POUT = 4W, RL = 4Ω) · Built−in stand−by function (with pin(1) set at high, power is turned on) · Built−in output short or over voltage detection circuit, output to VCC and output to GND short. (Pin(8): Open collector) · Built−in junction temperature detection circuit. (Pin(2): Open collector) · Built−in various protection circuits · Thermal shut down, Over voltage · Output to GND short · Output to VCC short · Output to Output short · Operating supply voltage: VCC (opr) = 9~18V 1 2002-10-30 Block Diagram TA8225H/L Caution For Use And Method Of Application 1. Voltage gain adjustment Voltage gain GV of this IC is decided by the external feedback resistors Rf1 and Rf2. Gain fluctuation by temperature can be made smaller than they are housed in IC. Voltage gain GV is decided by the following expression: If R0 = 20kΩ≫Rf1 > Rf2 GV≒20ℓog Rf1 + Rf2 Rf2 + 6 (dB) If R0 = 20kΩ > Rf1 > Rf2 GV≒20ℓog (R0 // Rf1) + Rf2 Rf2 + 6 (dB) If Rf1 and Rf2 are [ … ]

TA8225H PDF File

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