TA2149BN – 3 V AM/FM 1 Chip Tuner IC (for Digital Tuning System)

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Part number : TA2149BN

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, 3 V AM/FM 1 Chip Tuner IC (for Digital Tuning System).

Pin arrangement :

Package information :

Manufacturer : Toshiba Semiconductor

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TA2149BN Datasheet PDF

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TA2149BN/BFN TOSHIBA Bipolar Linear Integrated Circuit Silicon Monolithic TA2149BN,TA2149BFN 3 V AM/FM 1 Chip Tuner IC (for Digital Tuning System) TA2149BN, TA2149BFN are AM/FM 1 chip tuner ICs, which are designed for portable Radios and 3 V Head phone Radios. This is suitable for Digital Tuning System Applications. FM Local Oscillation Voltage is set up low relativity, for NEW FCC. TA2149BN Functions · · For NEW FCC. Suitable for combination with Digital Tuning System which is included IF Counter. · · Adjustable for IF count output sensitivity by external resistance of pin 17 (FM only). TA2149BFN One terminal type AM/FM IF count output for IF counter of Digital Tuning System. · · FM: 1.3375 MHz (1/8 dividing) AM: 450 kHz · · · · Built-in Mute Circuit for IF count output. For adopting ceramic Discriminator, it is not necessary to adjust the FM Quad Detector Circuit. Built-in FM MPX VCO circuit. Built-in one terminal type AM/FM Local Oscillator Buffer Output for Digital Tuning System Applications. · Built-in 1/16 Pre-scaler for FM Local OSC Buffer. Built-in AM Low cut circuit. Low supply current. (VCC = 3 V, Ta = 25°C) ICCq (FM) = 13 mA (Typ.) ICCq (AM) = 8.5 mA (Typ.) Weight SDIP24-P-300-1.78: 1.2 g (Typ.) SSOP24-P-300-0.65A: 0.14 g (Typ.) · · · Operating Supply voltage range: VCC = 1.8~7 V (Ta = 25°C) Note 1: Handle with care to prevent devices from deteriorations by static electricity. 1 2001-12-21 TA2149BN/BFN Block Diagram H: MONO L: ST H: AM L: FM VT OSC BUFF OUT PSC SW IF OUT OPEN: 1/1 VCC: 1/16 IF REQ VCC FM RF RFout VCC 24 23 AM RFin 22 FM OSC 21 AM OSC 20 OSC OUT 19 ST LED 18 IF REQ 17 DET OUT 16 MPX IN 15 LPF1 14 LPF2 13 AM OSC FM OSC BUFF IF REQ ST SW AF AF BUFF VCO DECODE DIVIDE 1/1 or 1/16 BUFF IF BUFF 1/8 AM DET FM DET SM/MO FM/AM LEVEL DET AM MIX FMRF FM MIX AGC AMIF FMIF MUTE 1 FM ANTENNA RF GND BFP 2 FM RFin 3 AM LOW CUT 4 MIX OUT 5 VCC 6 AM IF IN 7 FM IF IN 8 GND 9 AGC 10 11 12 QUAD R- [ … ]

TA2149BN PDF File

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