STK0260D – Advanced Power MOSFET

STK0260D Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : STK0260D

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Advanced Power MOSFET.

Pin arrangement :

Package information :

Manufacturer : AUK

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STK0260D Datasheet PDF

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• • • • High Voltage: BVDSS=600V(Min.) Low Crss : Crss=6.0pF(Typ.) Low gate charge : Qg=8.4nC(Typ.) Low RDS(on) :RDS(on)=4.0Ω(Max.) Type NO. STK0260D Marking STK0260 Package Code D-PAK Ordering Information Outline Dimensions unit : mm 6.50~6.70 5.10~5.50 DataSheet 1.18 Max. 2.10~2.50 DataShee 7.77~7.97 1.15 Max. 0.83 Max. 2.30 Typ. 2.30 Typ. 0.55 Max. 1 2 3 PIN Connections 1. Gate 2. Drain 3. Source DataSheet KSD-T6O004-000 DataSheet DataSheet 4 U .com 1 STK0260D Absolute maximum ratings Characteristic Drain-source voltage Gate-source voltage Drain current (DC) Drain current (Pulsed) * (Tc=25°C) Symbol VDSS VGSS ID (Tc=25℃) (Tc=125℃) IDP PD ② ② ① ① IAS EAS IAR EAR TJ Tstg Rating 600 ±30 2.0 1.2 8.0 34 2.0 42 2.0 3.7 150 -55~150 Unit V V A A A W A mJ A mJ °C Drain Power dissipation Avalanche current (Single) Single pulsed avalanche energy Avalanche current (Repetitive) Repetitive avalanche energy Junction temperature Storage temperature range * Limited by maximum junction temperature Characteristic Junction-case Junction-ambient Symbol Rth(J-C) DataSheet Rth(J-a) Typ. – Max 3.67 62.5 Unit ℃/W Thermal et resistance DataShee DataSheet KSD-T6O004-000 DataSheet DataSheet 4 U .com 2 STK0260D Electrical Characteristics Characteristic Drain-source breakdown voltage Gate-threshold voltage Drain-source leakage current Gate-source leakage Drain-Source on-resistance Forward transfer admittance Input capacitance Output capacitance Reverse transfer capacitance Turn-on delay time Rise time Turn-off delay time Fall time Total gate charge Gate-source charge Gate-drain charge ④ ④ (Tc=25°C) Symbol BVDSS VGS(th) IDSS IGSS RDS(ON) gfs Ciss Coss Crss td(on) tr td(off) tf Qg Qgs Qgd Test Condition ID=250µA, VGS=0 ID=250µA, VDS= [ … ]

STK0260D PDF File

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