STIM210 – Multi-Axis Gyro Module

STIM210 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : STIM210

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Multi-Axis Gyro Module.

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Manufacturer : Sensonor

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STIM210 Datasheet PDF

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DATASHEET ButterflyGyro™ STIM210 Multi-Axis Gyro Module 1 FEATURES o Miniature package o Low noise o Low bias instability o Excellent performance in vibration and shock environments o 1, 2 or 3 axes offered in same package o Electronically calibrated axis alignment o Single-crystal silicon technology o No intrinsic wear-out effects o Insensitive to magnetic fields o Full EMI compliance o Digital interface, RS422 o Fully configurable: o 5 different sample rates o 5 different bandwidths o LP filter -3dB frequency can be set individually (38.6mm x 44.8mm x 21.5mm) for each axis o RS422 protocol, bit-rate and line termination o Selectable output unit: angular rate [deg/s], incremental angle [deg], average angular rate [deg/s] or integrated angle [°] o External Trigger input and Time Of Validity output to enable synchronization o Continuous self-diagnostics 2 GENERAL DESCRIPTION X-AXIS GYRO Y-AXIS GYRO Z-AXIS GYRO GYRO DRIVE + ADC GYRO DRIVE + ADC GYRO DRIVE + ADC SELFDIAGNOSTICS CALIBRATION AND COMPENSATION SYSTEM CONTROLLER RS422 OUTPUT DRIVER RS422 INPUT BUFFER (38.6mm x 44.8mPmOWxER21.5mm) MANAGEMENT / VOLTAGE AND FREQUENCY REFERENCES TxData+ TxData- RxData+ RxData- ExtTrig TOV Reset +5V GND STIM210 is a cluster of 1, 2 or 3 high accuracy MEMS-based gyros in a miniature package. Any configuration of axes can be Figure 2-1: STIM210 FUNCTION BLOCK DIAGRAM provided. Each axis is factory-calibrated for bias, sensitivity and compensated for temperature effects to provide high-accuracy measurements in the temperature range -40°C to +85°C. The unit runs off a single +5V supply. STIM210 communicates via a standard high-level RS422 interface. The use of a 32 bit RISC ARM microcontroller provides flexibility in the configuration, like choice of output unit, sample rate, LP filter -3dB frequency and RS422 bitrate and protocol parameters. All configurable parameters can be defined when ordering or set by customer. When STIM210 is powered up, it will perform [ … ]

STIM210 PDF File

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