SR315 – 315.00 MHz One-Port SAW Resonator

SR315 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : SR315

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, 315.00 MHz One-Port SAW Resonator.

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Manufacturer : Vanlong

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SR315 Datasheet PDF

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315.00 MHz One-Port SAW Resonator • • • • • Ideal for 315.00 MHz Transmitters Very Low Insertion Loss Quartz Stability Rugged, Hermetic, Low Profile TO-39 Package Complies with Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS Compliant) SR315 Absolute Maximum Rating (Ta=25°C) Parameter CW RF Power Dissipation DC Voltage Case Temperature Range Soldering Twmperature P VDC Rating +0 ±30 -40 ~ +85 260 Unit dBm V °C °C Electronic Characteristics Parameter Frequency (25°C) Insertion Loss Quality Factor Temperature Stability Unloaded Q-Value 50Ω Loaded Q-Value Turnover Temperature Turnover Frequency Frequency Temperature Coefficient Frequency Aging Absolute Value during the First Year Nominal Frequency Tolerance from 315.00 MHz Sym fC Minimum NS 25 1.0 2.3 Typical 315.00 1.5 12,500 2,000 fc -0.032 19 120.3114 2.1240 2.6 Maximum NS ± 75 2.0 55 10 26 2.9 Unit MHz KHz dB °C KHz ppm/°C MΩ Ω µH fF pF 2 ∆fC IL QU QL TO fO FTC |fA| RM LM CM CO ppm/yr DC Insulation Resistance Between any Two Pins RF Equivalent RLC Model Motional Resistance Motional Inductance Motional Capacitance Pin 1 to Pin 2 Static Capacitance NS = Not Specified Notes: 1. The center frequency, fC, is measured at the minimum IL point with the resonator in the 50Ω test system. Unless noted otherwise, case temperature TC = +25°C ± 2°C. Frequency aging is the change in fC with time and is specified at +65°C or less. Aging may exceed the specification for prolonged temperatures above +65°C. Typically, aging is greatest the first year after manufacture, decreasing in subsequent years. Turnover temperature, T0, is the temperature of maximum (or turnover) frequency, f0. The nominal frequency at any case temperature, TC, may be calculated from: f = f0 [1 – FTC (T0 – TC)2]. This equivalent RLC model approximates resonator performance near the resonant frequency and is provided for reference only. The capacitance C0 is the measured static (nonmotional) capacitance between Pin1 and Pin2. The measureme [ … ]

SR315 PDF File

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