SM5133 – (SM5100 – SM5139) 500 WATT BATTERY CONVERTERS

SM5133 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : SM5133

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, (SM5100 – SM5139) 500 WATT BATTERY CONVERTERS.

Pin arrangement :

Package information :

Manufacturer : PDS Design Solutions

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SM5133 Datasheet PDF

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PDS Design Solutions LTD ___ THE CUSTOM POWER SPECIALISTS . DESIGN . DEVELOPMENT . TEST . MANUFACTURE Greenway Business Centre, Harlow Business Park, Harlow, Essex CM19 5QE Tel: 01279 406960 Fax: 01279 406961 Web: e-mail: 500 WATT BATTERY CONVERTERS OUTPUT 12V INPUT 5.0V at 100A (450W) SM5100 9.0V at 55.0A SM5101 12.0V at 41.7A SM5102 15.0V at 33.3A SM5103 18.0V at 27.8A SM5104 21.0V at 23.8A SM5105 24.0V at 20.8A SM5106 48.0V at 10.5A SM5107 13.8V at 36.2A SM5108 27.6V at 18.1A SM5109 24V INPUT SM5110 SM5111 SM5112 SM5113 SM5114 SM5115 SM5116 SM5117 SM5118 SM5119 36V INPUT SM5120 SM5121 SM5122 SM5123 SM5124 SM5125 SM5126 SM5127 SM5128 SM5129 48V INPUT SM5130 SM5131 SM5132 SM5133 SM5134 SM5135 SM5136 SM5137 SM5138 SM5139 ___ SPECIFICATION: INPUTS Nominal Voltage: Input Voltage Range: Current, No Load: Efficiency (approximate): Low Battery back-off: OUTPUTS Voltage (10% Load): Line Regulation: Load Regulation: Low Frequency Ripple: Current Limit: On/Off Control: – 12V or 24V or 36V or 48V Battery by model. Nominal – 11.7% to +16.7% 0.5A, 0.4A, 0.3A and 0.25A across range. >90%, 12V output and above. Nominal – 20%, but programmable. Nominal + 100mV ±50mV. < ± 0.05V for a 10% input change. <-0.1V for a 10% to 90% load change. Less than 10mV pp. Nominal plus 10%, ± 7%. The unit will draw less than 0.1mA until voltage (3V to 72V) is applied to the control input. • VERY HIGH CONVERSION EFFICIENCY. • HIGH OUTPUT POWER IN COMPACT SIZE. • REMOTE ON / OFF CONTROL. • PROGRAMABLE OUTPUT VOLTAGE. • PROGRAMABLE BACK-OFF FOR FUEL CELL USE. GENERAL DESCRIPTION: A rugged converter, generating a [ ... ]

SM5133 PDF File

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