SLD3237VFR – 400 mW Output Blue-Violet Semiconductor Laser Diodes

SLD3237VFR Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : SLD3237VFR

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, 400 mW Output Blue-Violet Semiconductor Laser Diodes.

Pin arrangement :

Package information :

Manufacturer : Sony Corporation

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SLD3237VFR Datasheet PDF

The texts in the PDF file :

SLD3237VF, 400 mW Output Blue-Violet Semiconductor SLD3237VFR Laser Diodes Support BDXLTM To respond to the increasing popularity of HD and 3D content, Sony has now developed the industry’s first 400 mW pulsed optical output laser diode, the SLD3237VF. This high-output blue-violet laser diode supports high-speed recording for the new “BDXLTM” large-capacity standard, which increases the Blu-ray disc recording capacity to 128 GB. The increased output of this new device makes 4×-speed recording on 4-layer BDXL-R media possible. At the same time, Sony has also developed the SLD3237VFR 350 mW pulsed optical output laser diode, which is provided in a 3.8 mm diameter package, and has initiated sales in IT related applications such as slim factor drives. ∗ For mass production as of September 2010. ■ Maximum optical output of 400 mW supports BDXLTM (in pulse drive mode) ■ Guaranteed high-temperature operation of 85 °C and 90 °C (SLD3237VF/SLD3237VFR, respectively) ■ Lineup includes a 3.8 mm diameter compact package product for slim drives ∗ BDXLTM is a trademark of the Blu-ray Disc Association. Maximum Optical Output of 400 mW Supports BDXLTM (in Pulse Drive Mode) To suppor t increasingly higher speed multiples in Blu-ray disc media recording, Sony has released a series of blue-violet laser diodes with optical outputs of 65, 125, 170, 200, and 330 mW (the SLD3232VF through SLD3236VF). The SLD3236VF, which provides the highest optical output of these devices, 330 mW, supports Blu-ray disc recording at up to 8× speed on 2-layer media. Sony has now developed the 400 mW pulsed optical output SLD3237VF and has started mass production of this devices as the industry’s first 400 mW blue-violet laser diode. This increase in optical output makes possible both 4×-speed recoding on 4-layer media (BDXL-R), which supports large capacities up to 128 GB, and 12×-speed recording on 2-layer media. To achieve mass production of blue-violet laser diodes in the 400 mW class, [ … ]


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