SGTL5000 – Low Power Stereo Codec

SGTL5000 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : SGTL5000

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Low Power Stereo Codec.

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Package information :

Manufacturer : Freescale Semiconductor

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SGTL5000 Datasheet PDF

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Freescale Semiconductor Technical Data Low Power Stereo Codec with Headphone Amp Document Number: SGTL5000 Rev. 6.0, 11/2013 SGTL5000 The SGTL5000 is a Low Power Stereo Codec with Headphone Amp from Freescale, and is designed to provide a complete audio solution for products needing LINEIN, MIC_IN, LINEOUT, headphone-out, and digital I/O. Deriving it’s architecture from best in class, Freescale integrated products that are currently on the market. The SGTL5000 is able to achieve ultra low power with very high performance and functionality, all in one of the smallest footprints available. Target markets include media players, navigation devices, smart phones, tablets, medical equipment, exercise equipment, consumer audio equipment, etc.


such as capless headphone design and an internal PLL help lower overall system cost. AUDIO CODEC


Analog Inputs • Stereo LINEIN – Support for external analog input • Stereo LINEIN – Codec bypass for low power • MIC bias provided • Programmable MIC gain • ADC – 85 dB SNR (-60 dB input) and -73 dB THD+N (VDDA = 1.8 V) Analog Outputs • HP Output – Capless design • HP Output – 62.5 mW max, 1.02 kHz sine into 16  load at 3.3 V • HP Output – 100 dB SNR (-60 dB input) and -80 dB THD+N (VDDA = 1.8 V, 16  load, DAC to headphone) • LINEOUT – 100 dB SNR (-60 dB input) and -85 dB THD+N (VDDIO = 3.3 V) Digital I/O • I2S port to allow routing to Application Processor Integrated Digital Processing • Freescale surround, Freescale bass, tone control/ parametric equalizer/graphic equalizer clocking/control • PLL allows input of an 8.0 MHz to 27 MHz system clock – standard audio clocks are derived from PLL Power Supplies • Designed to operate from 1.62 to 3.6 volts PB-FREE 98ARE10742D 20-PIN QFN PB-FREE 98ARE10739D 32-PIN QFN ORDERING INFORMATION Device Temperature Range (TA) SGTL5000XNLA3/R2 -40 to 85 °C SGTL5000XNAA3/R2 Package 20 QFN 32 QFN MP3/FM Input MIC IN/Speech Recognition Appli [ … ]

SGTL5000 PDF File

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