SG2BC – Photointerrupters(Reflective)

SG2BC Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : SG2BC

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Photointerrupters(Reflective).

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SG2BC Datasheet PDF

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Photointerrupters(Reflective) SG-2BC DIMENSIONS The SG-2BC reflective sensor combines a GaAs IRED with a high-sensitivity phototransistor in a super-mini (4•ı) ceramic package,reducing installation space. (Unit : mm) FEATURES ¶UCompact (©™ 4mm) ¶UHigh performance ¶UHigh-speed response ¶UEasy to mount on P.C.B. ¶UWidely applicable APPLICATIONS ¶UTiming sensors ¶UEdge sensors ¶UMicro floppy disk drives ¶ULevel sensors of liquid MAXIMUM RATINGS Item Power dissipation Reverse voltage Input Forward current *1 Pulse forward current Collector power dissipation Collector current Output C-E voltage E-C voltage Operating temp. Storage temp. Soldering temp. (Ta=2° 5) Symbol PD VR F I FP I PC C I VCEO VECO Topr. Tstg. Tsol. Rating 75 5 50 1 75 20 30 3 £≠ 20 °≠£´ 90 £≠ 30 °≠£´ 100 260 Unit mW V mA A mW mA V V ° ° ° *1£ . Ù£˜ßZ100 sec.period •Ï £∫ T=10msec. *2. For MAX. 5 seconds at the position of 2mm from the package ELECTRO-OPTICAL CHARACTERISTICS Item Forward voltage Reverse current Capacitance Input Peak wavelength Output Collector dark current Ligh current Leakage current Switching Rise time Fall time speeds (Ta=2° 5) Symbol VF R I Ct •Îp CEO I L I CEOD I tr tf Conditions F =4mA I VR=5V V=0V,f=1KHz Min. Typ. 25 940 100 30 30 Max. 1.2 10 0.1 0.1 Unit. V •ÏA pF nm •ÏA •ÏA •ÏA •Ï sec. •Ï sec. V =10V =4mA VCE=2V,FI C E =4mA V =2V,FI CE L=1k VCC=2V,CI =100 •Ï A,R •ÿ – 1- Photo interrupters(Reflective) SG-2BC Collector power dissipation Vs. Ambient temperature Forward current Vs. Forward voltage Light current Vs. Forward current Light current Vs. Collector-Emitter voltage Relative light current Vs. Ambient temperature Dark current Vs. Ambient temperature Switching time Vs. Load resistance Relative light current Vs. Moving distance – 2- [ … ]


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