SFI1210 – SMD Transient Voltage Suppressors

SFI1210 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : SFI1210

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, SMD Transient Voltage Suppressors.

Pin arrangement :

Package information :

Manufacturer : SFI

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SFI1210 Datasheet PDF

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SMD Transient Voltage Suppressors Table of contents Table of Contents.. 1-1 Introduction…. 2-2 Transient Voltage Suppressors. 3-3 Information for Designer. 4-5 Multilayer varistor introduction .. 6-6 Part number identification 7-7 ML – A Series High surge protection.. 8-8 ML – C Series Classification.. 9-11 CH Series… 12-12 ESD solution protection varistor. Array Varistor MOV Disc Varistor protection.. New development item 13-13 14-14 15-15 16-16 Package information.. 17-17 Typical application . 18-18 Test information.. 19-19 Reliability experiment. 20-20 Recommendation for soldering.. 21-22 Cross reference .. 23-24 1 Datasheet pdf – http:/// SMD Transient Voltage Suppressors Introduction Company Profile SFI, is the trading mark and logo of SFI Groups, which are established under the spiritual concept of “Innovation, Services, Quality, and sincerity”. There are three subsidiary companies under SFI Groups, including Sun Flower semiconductor Co., Ltd established in Aug 1999(known as Sun Flower Instruments Inc. established in 1984) is responsible for the production m [ … ]

SFI1210 PDF File

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